FLAVOR PROFILES: Our organic superfood bars taste just like their ingredients-apple cinnamon, chocolate and coconut–because we use real food, spices, and extracts, not “natural flavorings,” to build our recipes. You’ll taste the dates and sunflower butter more in the coconut flavor, which has almost a peanutty flavor (but NO peanuts), and less so in chocolate and apple cinnamon.

SWEETNESS LEVEL: Most of the sweetness in our bars comes from fruit but too many dates can overwhelm other flavors, so we add just a bit of sweetness from sorghum syrup. Because of our fiber, protein and healthy fats from our seeds, our bars have a lower glycemic load than most others and won’t spike your blood sugars.

TEXTURE: Our bars are chewy with fun crunchiness from chia and poppy seeds as well as apples and coconut (depending on the flavor).

Cinnamon Apple Taste Profile

Apple Cinnamon

This is one of our biggest crowd pleasers because it tastes just like apple pie! You’ll taste sweetness from the dates, tartness from the apple bits, and a warm spiciness from the cinnamon. In fact, because we use real apple and cinnamon, and not “flavorings”, they taste just like apple pie! Because we use U.S. grown, organic apples (which are in short supply) we never know which variety of apple our bits will be made from. So, from batch to batch, you may notice a difference in the apple flavor. These bars are also chewy with a nice crunch and texture from the dried apple, chia, and poppy seeds.

Coconut Ribbon Taste Profile

Coconut Ribbon

If you love coconut, this is your flavor! And if you are not a big coconut fan, you may find this surprisingly good (many of our customers say this). Our coconut offers superior nutrition but because we use coconut and not “flavoring,” the taste is mild. That means the overall taste is more interesting and complex than just coconut–you’ll taste more of the sunflower butter and dates, which give it almost a peanutty flavor. This bars is also chewy with the coconut ribbons adding a nice crunch alongside the chia and poppy seeds.

Fudgy Chocolate Taste Profile

Fudgy Chocolate

Wow, our Fudgy Chocolate is truly divine and our best seller. We partially melt in Pascha 55% chocolate chips into the batter, which combines with the sunbutter and dates to add fabulous fudgy texture and deep chocolate taste. The chia and poppy seeds add a delightful crunch to the fudgy texture. According to one fan, “this tastes like the fudge you put over ice cream!”